Digital Marketing Opportunities

Performance Marketing

Managed Email

A targeted email will be sent to a carefully curated list of delegates taken from both Techforge’s and the event’s extensive databases. The email will include content intended to encourage clients to download a ‘gated’ whitepaper or webinar directly from the sponsor’s own website.

White Paper Campaign

White papers and case studies will be hosted on the website, secured behind a gated registration wall, and promoted to target recipients. These will guarantee a minimum of 250 leads from the targeted audience.

IoT Report

Same as the White Paper Campaign above, but the report will be written by IoT editorial experts working alongside a sponsor.

CPL Packages

CPL (cost per lead) packages can be added as an extra on top of any of the products listed above. A dedicated member of the team will be on hand to generate personalised leads that fit your criteria, making sure you get in touch with the right candidates before your competition does!

Digital Events

Digital Roundtable

A moderated 45-minute discussion on a key topic of importance. Up to 8 industry leaders and a sponsor will meet in a virtual conference facilitated by zoom. After the discussion participants will be interviewed, and the footage will subsequently be edited into a short ‘talking heads video’. This will then be pushed out across our network for a minimum of 3500 views.

Digital Panel

A moderated 30 minute panel discussion with up to 3 ‘Big Fish’ + 1 sponsor, followed by 15 minutes of live Q&A. Targeted invitations will result in an audience of at least 200 virtual attendees that match the sponsor’s key prospect list.

Best of IoT Daily Show

A moderated 1 hour film including panel discussions with ‘Big Fish’ and top tier partners, broadcasted across all channels and promoted across socials to increase engagement.


Content Marketing

Video Interviews

A 3 – 5 minute video interview with a CxO. Either filmed onsite or remotely and published across our network for a minimum of 3500 views.

Digital Fireside Chat

20 minute Talking heads style discussion conducted through Zoom. This can be moderated or take place between a sponsor and an industry leader.