About TechEx Virtual – Blockchain Sessions

A fully online conference covering two days of top-level content and thought leadership discussions looking at the Blockchain ecosystem.

This virtual conference is for the ambitious enterprise technology professional, seeking to explore the latest innovations, implementations and strategies to drive businesses forward.

Consisting of live and on-demand sessions, don’t miss this opportunity to explore this innovative technology and its impact on a range of industries including, manufacturing, transport, supply chain, government, legal sectors and financial services energy, utilities, insurance, healthcare, retail and more!

Our community of industry experts will explore and debate the technological advancements across the digital eco-system and beyond.

Blockchain topics include: Emerging technologies, risk management, Blockchain adoption, digital assets, Tokenisation, supply chain & logistics

Day 2 - 30 September 2020


Success stories of deploying blockchain and lessons learned

  • Looking into a step by step guide to running a successful pilot and taking it to the next level 
  • Exploring the key challenges faced in deployment. 
  • Practical tools for getting the board onside. 
  • Balancing regulatory requirements with blockchain principles. 
  • Examining strategies for overcoming key hurdles. 

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Moving into the next phase – Blockchain in action

  • Experts showcase their successful and unsuccessful blockchain pilots. 
  • Lessons learned from significant proofs-of-concept. 
  • Examining real-world examples of blockchain projects demonstrating tangible progress. 
  • Exploring how to determine if your experiment was a success. 

Live Webinar Panel  


How to implement a full-scale blockchain solution into enterprise?

  • Exploring how to engage leadership in the long-term vision to get ahead of the competition. 
  • Demonstrating the benefits of your chosen blockchain solution to the business. 
  • Setting up a structure for forward-thinking innovation and smooth implementation. 
  • Facing up to the risks, challenges, and pain points. 

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Blockchain goes global; Leveraging blockchain for transformation

  • Arguments that blockchain is just one of many databases that is not yet very good, or very fast, or very scalable, 
  • Understanding that what blockchain does, it does very well. 
  • Examining if it will take an open model to build out the protocols – the transformation process. 
  • Exploring why blockchain will become transformative where authenticity is critical, which gets you to things like global clearance, the global supply chain, healthcare, and aerospace. 
  • Investigating how we will get there. 
  • Will it require ‘coopetition’ between and across industries, and around the world? 

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Blockchain for business, from proof of concepts to unicorns

  • Exploring ways in which you can develop blockchain-enabled business models. 
  • Evaluating your blockchain ecosystem strategy. 
  • Looking at how you can create a business case around blockchain. 
  • Practical applications of blockchain, based on an example from the aerospace industry. 

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Blockchain as a team sport – “Coopetition” as the key to streamlining trading on the supply chain

  • Blockchain; The ultimate solution for data exchange in the trade supply chain. 
  • Coopetition and communal effort for long term competitiveness; Interoperability between applications. 
  • Fail to standardise and lose; Agreeing on the digital language, data format or protocol. 
  • Regulation to align our common goals. 

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Day 2 – Lunch hour & Speed networking on Grip

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Panel: Old world meets the new world – How do you reduce risk in the emerging technology space?

  • Risk management whilst adopting new blockchain technology solutions in the new world.
  • Working with the regulators, not against them.
  • Managing expectations – stabilising the market.
  • How do we ensure a project is stable, scalable & insurable?
  • How do we enable digital transformation in the real world?

Live webinar panel


The bumpy ride to blockchain adoption; Setting up a blockchain pilot

  • Enterprise innovators give us a Step-by-Step guide to running a successful pilot.
  • Discussing the careful execution of a PoC – examining the latest trials.
  • Experts showcase their successful, & unsuccessful, blockchain pilots.
  • Experienced innovators will explain how to determine if your experiment was a success.

Pre-recorded presentation 


The new era of Digital Assets; the Tokenisation of everything

  • Real-life examples of tokenized investment success stories – digital assets.
  • Tokenized Fiat $ € ¥ £
  • Investment for the masses – Examination of the level of untapped wealth that tokenization is in the process of unlocking.
  • A look at how firms are tokenizing their physical assets & using smart contracts.
  • What role do the Exchange Platforms play in the token revolution?

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Unleashing the potential of Blockchain in the finance industry

  • What problems have blockchain technologies already solved in finance?
  • Collaboration between FinTech’s & banks on the big innovation drive.
  • Implementation; moving blockchains from private to public.
  • Looking ahead; when can we realistically hope to see widespread adoption?

Pre-recorded presentation/ Fireside chat


Blockchain – The transformation of the supply chain & logistics

  • Case studies from logistics & transportation in manufacturing, retail & consumer goods.
  • Demonstrations of what logistics companies are working on in this space.
  • How increased traceability & streamlined transportation is affecting the supply chain.
  • Proof of how the implementation of blockchain has reduced and eliminated fraud & errors.
  • Universal application & cooperation – the issues we have & will overcome together.

Pre-recorded presentation 


Going global – How the Blockchain eco-system interconnects

  • How does the blockchain eco-system currently connect?
  • Examples of true interoperability & how important is it for your business?
  • Examination of an interconnected, enterprise, blockchain database.
  • How do we identify the appropriate platform?

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