About TechEx Virtual – AI & Big Data

A fully online conference covering two days of top-level content and thought leadership discussions looking at the AI & Big Data ecosystem.

This virtual conference is for the ambitious enterprise technology professional, seeking to explore the latest innovations, implementations and strategies to drive businesses forward.

Consisting of live and on-demand sessions, don’t miss this opportunity to explore this innovative technology and its impact on a range of industries including, manufacturing, transport, supply chain, government, legal sectors and financial services energy, utilities, insurance, healthcare, retail and more!

Our community of industry experts will explore and debate the technological advancements across the AI & Big Data ecosystem and beyond.

AI & Big Data topics include: Enterprise AI, process optimisation, cultural change, AI for ROI, data analytics & big data

Day 2 - 30 September 2020


Driving value from Enterprise AI

  • How can you ensure you get ROI on your AI projects?
  • Determining which projects to pursue.
  • Rules for success and pitfalls to avoid.
  • Real-world examples and lessons learnt.

Pre-recorded presentation 


Panel: Getting AI projects into operation in the Enterprise

  • How to do you get from POC to business process?
  • How do you embed AI into business systems?
  • The change needed in company culture and mindsets.
  • Scaling projects – where to start?

Live webinar panel 


Becoming an intelligent Enterprise

  • What business functions are being disrupted?
  • What do you automate first?
  • How to deal with employee resistance.
  • Overcoming legacy system challenges.
  • How to achieve full end-to-end flow automation.

Pre-recorded presentation 


From AI to ROI – How to make money in the market?

  • Breaking down the structure – how can you make money in the market?
  • Understanding where the gaps are.
  • Gaining value from the data gathered and educating customers on this value.

Pre-recorded presentation 


Data Analytics; delivering value

  • Accessing the power of unstructured data through machine learning.
  • Creating business value and actionable insights from unstructured data.
  • How images, video, speech and text can all be better recognised and processed.
  • Key use cases and data sets that can benefit most from a ML approach.

Pre-recorded presentation 


Data and the customer – understanding your audience

  • What problems is Big Data helping to solve?
  • What data will be used? How will it be generated and analysed?
  • Getting value out of customer data whilst maintaining GDPR and customer privacy.
  • How to encourage Big Data Innovation and stay ahead of the pack.

Pre-recorded presentation 


Day 2 – Lunch hour & Speed networking on Grip

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A sprinkle of AI fairy dust makes the Enterprise better

  • Demystifying AI – what does it actually mean? 
  • Distinguishing the hype from the reality 
  • What can and can’t it do? 
  • What are the opportunities and risks? 

Live Webinar Panel 


The Cognitive Enterprise

  • Extracting and gaining value from vast amounts of data 
  • AI as a digital assistant to enhance employee ability 
  • What business functions are being disrupted? 
  • Timescales for adoption, investment, scaling automation projects 
  • Real world examples and best practices 

Pre-Recorded Presentation


Evocative applications of AI/ML within the enterprise

  • Cutting through the hype and myths of AI 
  • A look at real-world industry applications 
  • Benefits of AI & ML technologies can bring to the Enterprise 

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Overcoming the challenge of operationalising AI

  • Prioritising projects 
  • How do you get from lab to business process? 
  • Making your infrastructure AI ready 
  • Embedding AI into core business systems and processes 
  • Access to quality data. 

Pre-Recorded Presentation


Case study – An intelligent Automation Journey

  • Evaluating which tasks to automate first. How to achieve time-to-value 
  • How much will you need to invest? 
  • How do you get organisation support and by in? 
  • Scaling Intelligent Automation across the Enterprise 
  • Lessons learnt along the way 

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