I am the Head of IT Infrastructure and Hyperautomation CoE at SEG Automotive. Member of the Vocal Council since February 2023.

The last six years were focused on process improvement through digitalization and digital transformation, mainly at SEG Automotive where I was involved in the RPA project, including the establishment of the Automation CoE and the citizen development program. 

Another important milestone was the introduction of Process Mining as a complement to the RPA project and to foster data-driven decisions in process improvement. 

So far, these are our flagship initiatives which have brought us considerable improvements and efficiency to SEG’s processes and, more importantly, new skills and better work experiences to SEG’s employees. 

More recently we initiated intelligent automation using NLP and Machine Learning as well as the first Process Digital Twin by introducing simulation to our Process Mining platform. 

Process Orchestration, Process Intelligence and Data Governance are the areas that I am currently working on, adding more capabilities to our Hyper-Automation toolkit as well as a solid foundation to our digital initiatives.