Self-motivated professional with a successful track record helping worldwide organizations embrace the use of data to make better decisions, as well as create and develop their Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) activities. I love to solve complex problems as much as I love to take-up new challenges. I am also passionate about the Sports Industry, and you can receive my Sport Business newsletter here for free >>>

The real challenge with Data Analytics is to ask the right questions and to translate the answers into actionable insights and recommendations. I see analytics as a way to support strategic decision-making, and the truth is that it outperforms human intuitions in a wide variety of circumstances.

I have led projects and teams across broad and varied verticals such as D2C business transition, CRM implementation, Sales optimization, Strategy, Marketing, Ticketing, Sponsorship, Digital, OTT, Content, Social Media and Consumer Research. I am not afraid of rolling up my sleeves and taking accountability for results when implementing innovative projects, and I’m comfortable with presenting my results to a wide range of internal and external stakeholders.