Strategic and operational technology and product leader; managed people, strategy, operations to design, implement, improve, operate search engines for billions of users, and achieved hundreds of millions of dollars per year gains. Designed, implemented, led products for hundreds of millions of users.
Led teams in search, machine learning, data engineering, product, analytics operating core business technologies.

Designing, building, and scaling consumer-facing AI products: Real Estate (Zillow), eCommerce (Walmart, eBay), Web(Google), Retail Grocery (Walmart), iTunes and AppStore (Apple), Maps (Google Apple).
Deep expertise improving, designing, leading the world-leading search engines with full ecosystems (data acquisition, ML, evaluation, experimentation, UX)
– leading search: Zillow, Walmart, eBay.
– co-designed/co-implemented: Apple Maps (2010), Walmart Grocery,
– core contributor: Google Web Search 2006-2010, Apple AppStore, iTunes
Development, Product delivery, operations of ML platforms, products transforming businesses with AI.
Peer-reviewed papers (1191 citations), 23 patents
PhD, Computer Science
Google Operating Committee Award, 2010
Co-founder/Adviser: Ozlo, acquired by Facebook in 2017
Boards of non-profits, 140M revenue, 1B assets
Hired, coached: ICs, managers, directors; built and led global cross-functional teams spanning technology, product, research, operations, analytics delivering high impact results to the business stakeholders. Developed teams with scope: research, software development, business analytics, ops: driving scalability, stability, reliability, operability of services
As organizational enabler and leader transformed
-SWE teams to science-driven teams
-research orgs into delivering high-quality software with big business impact orgs
In partnership with business, product, ops, I built product & technology strategies aligned with the business, advocated, transformed into operational plans, roadmaps, OKRs, and execution (100+ persons). Participated in strategic acquisitions and procurement. Successfully led strategic planning, budgeting, management of technology initiatives
Applied ML, DL and NLP, statistics to search, voice analytics, ads, geodata, fraud detection.
As IC:
Core contributor to Google’s web search ranking algorithm
Co-designed and co-implemented Apple Map Search (c++)
Search components
* ranking (learning to rank),
* query understanding
* search assist systems
* retrieval, indexing, and crawling systems
* evaluation and experimentation platforms
2006 PhD