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TechEx Events is the leading global exhibition and conference series focusing on key trends in IoT, Digital Transformation, AI & Big Data, Cyber Security & Cloud, Edge Computing and Blockchain.

30,000 Attendees
6 Co-Located Events
700+ Speakers
500+ Exhibitors
3 Locations

About TechEx

Harnessing the future of technology innovation, emerging tech, and digital transformation solutions, TechEx Events is the leading global exhibition and conference series focusing on key trends in IoT, Digital Transformation, AI & Big Data, Cyber Security & Cloud, Edge Computing and Blockchain.

TechEx covers everything from exploring connected monitors in order to instantly analyse data, IoT crew to manage buildings, understanding how AI and big data helps identify vast amounts of raw data being produced, to how edge computing and digital twin help IT decision makers deliver new tech to assist enterprise IT.

TechEx takes place in Amsterdam, London and Santa Clara, CA and consists of the following co-located events:

About TechEx

Since 2017, our co-located event series focuses on innovative solutions, building partnerships and ecosystems, whilst helping to facilitate networking between our communities, in order to drive solutions for an ever changing technology landscape.

Our conference talks feature real-life use cases and in-depth industry insights, giving you the insight into how to build upon your organisation’s strategy for 2023 and beyond.

Enterprise Tech Solutions

Stay ahead of the curve and gain a competitive edge with the latest advanced strategies in enterprise technology. TechEx’s co-located events cover everything from Hybrid Cloud, Business Transformation, Machine Learning, IoT connectivity, to Web3, Digital Assets, Edge Computing and more.

 TechEx Events consists of 6 co-located events exploring AI, IoT, Cybersecurity, Blockchain, Edge Computing and Digital Transformation, so you can learn a variety of key enterprise technology solutions all in one place.

Networking Opportunities

TechEx goes beyond mere discussions, offering opportunities to explore new tech and strategic approaches. Network with peers including CTO, CIO, CISCO’s and IT Directors, Heads of Business Transformation, Directors of Technology, Directors of Emerging Tech, Chief Architects, Heads of Digital, and so many more. This event is a must-attend for those leading the charge in enterprise technology and business transformation.

“Thank you. The event was very well organized and I had a fantastic experience as a speaker, panelist and participant”

Nitin Manoharan | Global Director, Head of Enterprise Architecture & Tech Innovation | Strategy & Planning | Philip Morris International

“This was one of the best organised events I had been too. For the first time, the vendors who are normally selling stuff no one wants, were my favourite part. I’m now customer to 7 vendors!”

Shahad Choudhury | Innovation Lead | UK Export Finance

“It’s been very interesting in the fact that there are 5 events in one happening so there is a lot of cross pollination of ideas. That is really valuable to open your mind to everything new which is happening in each field.”

Dabjani Deb | CEO | ZineOne

“The expo was well planned and executed. I found the speakers to provide great information which gave me a chance to follow up with them at their respective booth or individually. Great Event!

If you are involved in the world of technology, then this is an event that you must attend to keep up with tech trends. If you are not in the world of technology, then you should attend because all businesses are impacted by the ever-evolving technology.”

Luis Carrillo | Sunrise Logistics Solutions America

“The show for us is a great way to get in front of exactly the right kind of people; the entrepreneurs, the corporates, the investors, that ultimately, we are looking to engage with.”

Joel Hughes | UK Design, Technology and Hardware Manager | Indiegogo


 There are a variety of unique opportunities for you to get involved with TechEx, the leading technology event, customised to suit your business objectives. Find out more about working with us: